Valentine’s Day Sale at The Other Stacey

I want to apologize for not posting lately, I have been laid up with a pulled back muscle recently.  I am feeling better now and will be posting new reviews again soon.

But first, I wanted to offer a special deal exclusive to my readers.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, people are starting to look for unique gifts for that someone special.  Head over to our shop and check out some of our one of a kind handmade jewelry.  Use the coupon code “BLOGSPECIAL”  and receive 10% off your entire purchase.

And thank you to everyone for reading.  Please look for new and more in depth reviews coming soon.  If you know of a shop that you would like to see reviewed, please comment below with the shop name.

Stunning jewelry by CharmsByDiana

Today’s review is a wonderful shop called Charms by Diana. Diana’s shop has some wonderful jewelry pieces like the stunning black pearl Swarovski Element necklace below. This gorgeous necklace is sure to grab attention.

In addition, Diana also has cute paper tags and even custom Etsy shop banners and sets to get your own shop started.

Great little find! Go check it out.


2 Shop Tuesday– Amazing Photography

As an amateur photographer, I am always on the look out for amazing photos.  Today’s two shops have some really great images for sale.

The first shops is BehindMyBlueEyes.  Sandra, the shop owner, lives in Helsinki Finland where she finds some amazing scenery for her photography.  She features surreal nature scenes as well as interesting abstracts.  The play on light and color is really wonderful.  Look at the image below, taken at a park during autumn.  The bright reds and stark whites evoke and autumn chill while the contrasting scale of the trees and woman walking down the lane gives a feeling of smallness in a larger than life world.  Very moving photo.

Red Colors of Autumn

Red Colors of Autumn


The second shop today is BlackFawnPhotos. Kyra is the shop owner and although she doesn’t have a large selection yet, what she does have is worth looking at.  Her style is whimsical and surprising.  Her photos do not have “normal” subjects and because of this, every one of them is fun and fresh.  Take a look at this “wedding” photo, for example:

Bearded Bride

Bearded Bride

The “Bearded Bride” photo is amusing and exciting and I absolutely love it.  Check out her other images on Etsy.


I hope you guys enjoy today’s shops.  Come back later for more fabulous Etsy finds!


Knit and Crochet–Once you learn you cannot stop!

If you read my earlier posts, you know that I have always had difficulty learning to crochet because I am left handed.  I recently found a fabulous book that gave left handed instruction and am now crocheting my tushy off.  I have already finished my first project, a neck warmer cowl, which I plan to send to my mother soon…whether she likes it or not.  Now that I have learned, I cannot seem to stop.


That brings me to today’s shops.  Both shops offer knit and crochet items.

The first shop is Asu Crochet Shop.  Asu offers some really amazing crochet shawls, wraps, gloves, scarves, and even some traditional Turkish Yemeni Oya.  Look at the details on this beautiful blue shawl:

Multicolor Shawl


The second shop today is AutumnAnd Amber.  Amber’s shop caters more to a younger crowd than Asu, and offers fingerless gloves, legwarmers, scarves and even some crocheted “monsters”.  Take a look at these fabulous gloves.  If I lived somewhere colder, I would snap these up in a heartbeat.

Tan fingerless gloves

Tan fingerless gloves


I hope you enjoy these shops and please come back for the next reviews.

2 Shops today—Painted Art and Super Cute Kids Clothing

Today’s first shop is ArtByTrudy.  Trudy has painted and digital art of varying styles.  In her shop you will find anything from Venice, to farm scenes to sunflowers like the one below.

Sunflower Painting

Sunflower Painting

Whether it is oil painting or digital manipulation, Trudy’s work is wonderful.  Check out her shop on Etsy, ArtByTrudy.


Today’s second shop review is some of the cutest children’s clothing I have seen lately.  Ashley McCally is the owner of ashleymccally on Etsy and she hand dyes children’s clothing with cute sayings and adorable animal shapes like the hippo t-shirt below.

Hippo T Shirt

Hippo T Shirt

Check out Ashley’s shop and find hippos, lions, giraffes and even a plush whale toy or two.  She says she will take custom orders, so if you don’t see exactly what you want, drop her a line and she will be happy to work with you.

I hope you enjoyed today’s shops.  Come back tomorrow for more exiting finds.

Butterfly Series

I know that I have not posted for the last few days, but I have been busy creating some new products for my own shop.  I wanted to take a few moments to share the new pendants with you.


This is my Butterfly series of shrink plastic pendants.  Each pendant is hand drawn and colored by yours truly and then baked to create a bright and realistic looking butterfly.


I absolutely love making these Shrinky Dinks pendants.  The best part of my day is tossing a few scraps of plastic in the oven and watching then shrink and curl and turn into these beautiful pendants.


Thanks for indulging my shameless self promotion.  I will be posting some new reviews later today.

Modern Architecture in Jewelry with ArchetypeZ

Today’s shop, ArchetypeZ, has some very modern and architectural designs, which makes sense because the shop owner, Alia, has degrees in Architecture from Berkeley and UCLA.  When you browse her shop you will find some amazing structural pieces like the one below, made entirely from felted wool.

Wool Felt Triangles Bracelet from ArchetypeZ

Alia explains her process in some wonderfully detailed descriptions so you know exactly what you are getting.  She explains that even though she has some entirely handmade items, a lot of her stuff is designed as she would design a lifesize architectural structure and then laser cut to the scale size jewelry.  For example, look at this bracelet and ring:

Black Geometric Bracelet from ArchetypeZ

Bamboo Hexagon Ring from ArchetypeZ

Alia explains that even though the ring appears to be made from several smaller hexagon shapes, it is actually cut from a single piece of bamboo wood.  Both pieces are absolutely amazing and very intricate.  Looking through the ArchetypeZ shop, it was very difficult to find a favorite piece because every design is unique and stunning.  I hope you will stop by Alia’s shop and take a look around.