2 Shop Tuesday– Amazing Photography

As an amateur photographer, I am always on the look out for amazing photos.  Today’s two shops have some really great images for sale.

The first shops is BehindMyBlueEyes.  Sandra, the shop owner, lives in Helsinki Finland where she finds some amazing scenery for her photography.  She features surreal nature scenes as well as interesting abstracts.  The play on light and color is really wonderful.  Look at the image below, taken at a park during autumn.  The bright reds and stark whites evoke and autumn chill while the contrasting scale of the trees and woman walking down the lane gives a feeling of smallness in a larger than life world.  Very moving photo.

Red Colors of Autumn

Red Colors of Autumn


The second shop today is BlackFawnPhotos. Kyra is the shop owner and although she doesn’t have a large selection yet, what she does have is worth looking at.  Her style is whimsical and surprising.  Her photos do not have “normal” subjects and because of this, every one of them is fun and fresh.  Take a look at this “wedding” photo, for example:

Bearded Bride

Bearded Bride

The “Bearded Bride” photo is amusing and exciting and I absolutely love it.  Check out her other images on Etsy.


I hope you guys enjoy today’s shops.  Come back later for more fabulous Etsy finds!



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